Does size of Silkie Chicks indicate if they are male or female?


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Sep 8, 2013
My Silkies were all 3 in the same size egg. One came out like Goliath compared to the other two. It has caught up in size with the sibling that is 4 days older than it. Could that mean it is a Rooster? New at this and just wondering what everyone's experiences are.
Size usually doesn't have any definitive bearing on sex until very near maturity.
Our goliath last time was a hen, bullied the cockerels until hormones kicked in and squatting became more fun.

Keep an eye on combs, wattles, and the spur nubs. Best ways I have found for showing the boys and girls.
After getting an eye for it the comb can give it away in a few weeks
Yeah, the size only matters once they're older. My silkie pullet, Gracey, was the biggest out of the three I got.
She ended up being the only girl and now they're double her size (they're about 17-18 weeks).

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