Does straw cause impacted crop?


Mar 30, 2015
Happy easter :)
One of my chickens had broken open a egg in the nesting boxes and was eating the eggs contents and the straw in the nesting boxes too which had gotten egg on it. I felt her crop and it feels like she ate some straw and I really don't want her to get a impacted crop again. She had a impacted crop in January-February because of straw eating or eating something she's not suppost to eat. Also right now everything's in bloom and she and most of my others are eating little buds from a tree. Again I really don't want her to get another impacted crop and I'm hoping she doesn't. Do you think she will or won't? :/
She will if she ate enough course straw that is big enough that it is unable to pass into her gizzard. A chickens' gizzard is very much like a wood chipper, but like a wood chipper the gizzard can be overwhelmed by to much course roughage getting hung up in the hopper (crop or craw)

A good quality hay is a better nest bedding than straw.
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How much is enough becuase she only ate maybe like 5 pieces they where about 1/2- 2 inches long. Could that many cause a problem?
She has also been eating little green seeds from a tree can those cause a problem? theyre maple seeds. Also she and some of my other chickens keep eating their own eggs, do you know a way to keep them from doing that?

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