Does the happiness of your girls determine how many eggs you will get?

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by Justhatched, Oct 25, 2011.

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    Depending on the type of chicken. There isn't anything to make me believe they aren't happy I just wonder. Like "what if they aren't happy? How would I know?" I know the days are shorter and they wouldn't lay many eggs. Would happy chickens lay lots of eggs. Like almost daily? I guess this has to do with how many eggs I get. I have 4 red and 4 black Sex links. I also have 2 buff Orpintons that are laying and only 1 of my Brahmas is laying. Our other Brahma hasn't laid an egg yet. I keep seeing that the Sex links are great layers and will even lay in the winter. They only started laying 5 weeks ago. Are they too young to expect more eggs? I don't expect an egg every day from the Orpingtons or the Brahma. I expect more from the Sex links. Is the too much? Are they still too young? I average about 5 eggs a day. Does that seem right? What should I be getting? They are 25 weeks old. Would mites or lice change the amount they lay? I am working on getting rid of those buggers. If they aren't happy I want to do what I can to help them be happy? I also make sure they have food and water. I give them acv in their water ( I started that a week ago), give them yogurt, salad, vegetables, oatmeal, occasionally meat (that is new for me to give them. I don't know why it just seems weird), scrambled egg and occasionally ground up egg shells. I don't give "treats" all the time. A few times a week. They have a run attached to the coop. I let them free range as often as possible. It hasn't been much lately. Any ideas on how many eggs I should be getting? Do you think they are happy?
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    Mites / lice could reduce production. Any kind of stress or change might do it, at least temporarily -- new construction next door, passing dogs barking, etc. Even a new garbage can in the coop to store food in. Certainly, less than 14 hours of light a day. Sounds to me like you are taking good care of them. And I agree, your young sex links will probably lay all winter. No chicken lays every day, though. And it can't be predicted exactly.

    You could look this over:

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