Does the presence of a rooster decrease egg production in the hens?

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    So, we have a surprise roo. I'm not thrilled to have him, but a friend who has had chickens for years told me that hens will lay LESS eggs with a rooster around. Is this true? If so, I definitely don't want him! Not worth the aggravation of worrying about my children in the coop with him around, though he hasn't been aggressive yet. I am interested in finding out the egg laying answer though:)


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    Odd, I've heard just the opposite.

    Likely the answer lies in the mixed results from peoples experiences. If the hens are not happy they lay less and when happy lay more. Depending on the personality of rooster, coop size, etc. will result in happy or unhappy hens.

    My experience with Cockbirds and Hens is they make them happy. Look out for them from predators and find treats for them/put treats in front of them if penned.
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    I really don't think a rooster normally has anything to do with egg laying. But I suppose if he is overly aggressive with the hens he could cause stress in the flock and they may not lay as much.

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