Does the rooster or the hen carry the gene for egg laying?


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Mar 9, 2008
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Hope this isn't a stupid question but here's why I need to know: I have a gorgeous red sexlink rooster (I think!) but he is the most inept, clumsy breeder I've ever seen, and all I'm getting is messed up feathers on the girls and no fertile eggs. I do, however, have another new rooster, a rescue, and he really would love the chance show his prowess, but I'm thinking he's an OEG, which I've heard aren't noted for being good egg layers.

I'd love to raise a few replacements but I do need some eggs, too:) Any ideas!

The game rooster will get the job done for you. As far as the offspring, chickens take most of their traits from the hen, not the rooster, so I wouldn't be too concerned with this either. You may end up getting some gameness in your fowl though, and that might be a problem down the road... Another thing, your sexlink may be getting the job done, but he may be infertile. If he has any health issues, it can make him temporarily infertile. Make sure he is in good health before you write him off for good. Good luck!
Is this a trick question????
Thanks, Cuda. The sexlink rooster has never left a fertile egg that I know of in 5 years. He's lasted so long cos a) I didn't need replacements and b) he has a lovely temperament. The OEG also is a nice boy. It's good to know most of the traits come from the hen - I can put the new boy to work for a week or two, then reinstate Jorge, the sexlink and let him think he's the MAN!


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