Does this sound like coccidiosis?

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    Dec 1, 2012
    Alright- yesterday I went out to find one of my birds acting strangely. She's a 2 year old red sex link- I noticed a lot of diarrhea/poo on her vent area, and that she was hunched, droopy, and walking low/ waddling.

    I picked ehr up and found ehr crop was very bloated- I figured she had sour crop, so I tipped her owner upside down and emptied ehr out (while being very careful so she didn't choke). I was going to start her on monistat for the sour crop (1/3 a monistat suppository orally at every meal) each day.

    However, when I went to clean her vent area, I noticed some blood in the feces. That worried me, and since I hadn;t found any worms in the feces and due to the hen's droopiness, lethargy, and odd walk, I assumed it must be coccidiosis with sour crop occurring at the same time.

    Hen is isolated from other chickens, and is now on Corid (1.5tsp per gallon of water, made fresh daily), as well as monistat. I've been giving her exclusively water in the hopes to flush out her crop, but tonight her crop was still bloated/four smelling, and I had to drain her again.

    I'm worried I've diagnosed this wrong and would welcome any help from those experienced with this. Does it sound like coccidiosis? How long can my hen last on just water? (she has no interest in food right now. :( ). Any input it appreciated.

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