Does Top Hen help Rooster protect flock?


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Mar 4, 2009
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My Coop
My somewhat aggressive RIR cockerel (15 weeks) got out today and ended up over by the "other" chicken pen. He was at the fence acting aggressively and posturing at them all. Both the Jersey Giant cockerel and the Jersey Giant hen (both 13 weeks) were at the fence posturing right back at him. The hen actually got there first and was staring him down and then the cockerel finally came over and was going at him through the fence.



My question is....the top hen (er, pullet?) sure made it there quicker and was more aggressive off the bat than the cockerel. Once he showed up she backed off and let him do all the work, but I was surprised to see any girls in on the "action".

Is this common? To have the girls help protect the flock?
My top hen doesn't. She's too busy bossing her flock mates around.

However hens can give any rooster but their own a bad time, especially if the rooster is younger.

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