Does water drownd lice/mites eggs?

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    Does water drownd lice/mites eggs?

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    I suppose, eventually, but Ivermectin will work better and you won't have a drown chicken.
    If you have mites, vaseline will work.
    Do a search, up in the search box.
    There is a lot of good info here.
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    Well, I found out my Silver sebright, Vanilla, had eggs and adult lice all around her vent! Since she sleeps in the corner of our coop, I figured thats why. So I took her inside and washed her in warm water (it was a freezing morning, and she LOVED the bath!) then I set her in warm water, and picked as many egg sacks off as I could. Then I put DE on, and I saw all the rest of the adults that didn't drown, were running in panic. She still has a couple sacks on her, so do you think those will hatch? I've checked about 5 of my 123 chickens, and thoswe don't have Lice.
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    Egg sacks... gross.... [​IMG]

    I'd bathe her in flea and tick shampoo that specifically says it kills eggs, unless of course you choose not to use pesticides. I wish I didn't need pesticides, but my wish for a bug free flock outweighs my wish to be all natural.
  5. When I had a problem with lice I gave my hen a warm bath with dawn dish soap seemed to kill some of the lice. After her bath & blow dry did also dust her with Sevin Dust. Will probably need to retreat in 2 weeks to get the lice/mites life cycle taken care of.

    [​IMG] Good Luck!
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    Well, I can only use what I've got. So I'll put DE and ashes in their baithing area and coop. I'll bring her in about 5 days from now and treat her again.

    Aleast I had a fun time with her indoors, we watched a couple short shows together, she was watching them like a person, and she just LOVED the bath. I'm glad she trusts me.
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    Water will physically remove many of the lice, but it will not kill the eggs, and is unlikely to kill all the lice. Use a good shampoo to THOROUGHLY wash her; water alone is not likely to be anywhere near enough. Coconut oil is suppoed to dissole the "glue" that causes eggs and egg sacs to adhere to the feathers. Egg sacs are from mites, not lice.

    Both lice and mites can kill birds, so using an ineffective product because that is all you have on hand, and are apparently unwilling to acquire an effective one is pretty sad. Using the only thing you have is a filler until you can GET a more effective treatment. Dog or cat flea/tick shampoo or spray, sevin or permethrin dust are all effective. Ivermectin is another effective treatment. Sometimes a second treatemnt is needed a few days after the first.
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    Quote:I'm not unwilling, I'm unable, all we have is $100, so I'm unable. Thats fine, I have:

    Livestock louse spray
    Maine and Tail that can kills fleas
    I might have Ivermectin

    I have more stuff, but would the livestock spray work? It's kinda old.
  9. Here's a helpful link for you. The Sevin Dust is not costly & can be picked up at Wal*Mart, K-Mart, Home Depo Etc... Found in the garden section.
    Hope that helps! [​IMG]
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    The link did help, we have ivermectin, so I'll treat the infected chickens with that. I'll power wash the coops with soap. Good?

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