Does Your Linoleum Flooring Fall Apart?

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  1. AlienChick

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    Apr 9, 2010
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    I plan on grabbing a roll of scrap linoleum flooring. Lowes has them rolled up for $54 8x12.

    I recently read where Puredelite posted that the linoleum flooring they purchased was breaking apart.
    If this type of flooring doesn't last, perhaps I should be looking at an alternative. [​IMG]

    Anyone having problems with their linoleum flooring breaking apart or chickens tearing it apart??

  2. patandchickens

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    Apr 20, 2007
    Ontario, Canada
    The oldest stuff in my chicken pens is starting to die, but heaven only knows how old it is (it was there when we bought this property in 2003 and was clearly "not young" at that point, the pens having been used for dog boarding for at least 15 years and my guess is that much of the vinyl flooring in those pens was original equipment).

    Different types of mine seem to disintegrate at different rates, so I am wondering whether the other poster's problem was having bought the cheapest kind available (as she states she did).

    Mine seems to be worst affected by having not entirely dry very pooey bedding packed onto it for long periods of time (I use a sort of deep litter type method, where areas that get extra pooey or dusty get changed out sometimes but I seldom do a TOTAL cleanout, with the result that occasionally I find pockets of Nasty buried under a bunch of otherwise-fine litter, e.g. in a corner where a waterer once was or near the popdoor -- those are the places where my vinyl flooring seems to get crumbly).

    All in all my experience with the vinyl flooring has been very positive, though -- I have some that I installed myself 4 years ago and it seems totally unchanged at present -- although I will repeat what I tend to say in this situation which is that I do not think that it really offers much BENEFIT over a plain painted wooden floor, and may actually be disadvantageous if you plan to hose.



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