Does your Rooster attack you??

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  1. Hi all, do you get attacked by your roos?
    Mine freeranges in the yard but he will have to be locked up from now on, until i can rehome him.
    He really hurts when he gets me on my ankle bone!
    He got my partner today and he was ready to send him to his maker but i intervened.
    I understand the rooster is protecting his young but he is quite dangerous if small children come here to check out my menagerie!
    He has only just started to attack. When he got me 3 days ago I slapped him on the tail which only revved him up and made him angrier.
    How do you train your roo to be nice!!!!
    I think my problem is that i bought him as a show quality from a breeder as an adult so he never bonded to me when he was a chick/cockeral.
    I am sure to have other roos in the recent batches hatching out so im replacing him with one of them!
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  2. well I was just speaking to my neighbour who saw an article on TV about a silky roo attacking owners.
    They hung him upside down and held his legs and sheared the spurs in half using an angle grinder.
    This did the trick on Tv and my neighbour also tried this method with great success.
    Ill try this tommorrow.
    apparantly an angle grinder works because of the noise factor so using a little saw wont do it!!!
  3. SpottedCrow

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    Slifer got after me one time and I dope slapped her so hard her eyes rattled...[​IMG]
    She bit me and drew blood! Hen's don't have teeth, my foot!
    You can also pick them up and hold them until your done with you chicken chores.
    Holding them upside down can make them expire...especially if you're holding them in your arms, because their lungs are very close to their spines and when you flip them over, all their organs press down on them and they suffocate.
    another thing is to hold them down to the ground until they stop struggling, then let them up.
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    May 3, 2007
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    I have a Delaware hen Carly that has been developing a bit of attitude with me. I use the same approach in all animal training, consistancy. Don't let them get away with it ever, take the time to deal with the behavior on the spot. Carly gets either held down to the ground in a squat, or picked up and carried around. Either way I show dominance. I do think with a roo the spurs would have to go on a bird with attitude, just for safety sake.
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    I have a golden laced and a silver laced roo that attacks me too or anyone for that matter. Not so much anymore since we have been turning on it and telling it no... just like with a horse... you never turn your back, always keep one eye looking back behind you! I have learned that if I stomp my feet or "chase" after it stomping it has seemed to settle them down. I was also told it was a way of them saying I am the submissive one! So if you show it that you are the submissive one they will settle down... I know my RIR sure has!!!! But the polish are taking a little longer... uggggg

    And yes, I agree... IT DOES HURT!!! My lil red Jesse has learned to carry a stick with her... she has that bright red hair and they just love to get at her... so with the stick, if they come towards her... she swings... but does not hit... they have finally learned not to mess with her LOL
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    My Henry the Leghorn Roo (in the avatar) has a bad attitude towards my hubby. And sometimes gets one with me.
    All I do is carry a bright blue or yellow fly swatter in my hand and he doesn't do a thing but act nice. I have never raised it to him or threatned him with it. He just doesn't know what it is and it has him totally! bluffed!.
    Just carry something like that with you. I don't think it has to make noise, just needs to look strange to them.
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    Apr 11, 2007
  8. I have had my bantam cochin think he was hot stuff and one hen that would try to peck me I just go in after the hen and soon she figured out no amount of pecking was going to deter me and she finally grew out of it. The rooster on the other hand was quite the monster finally enough was enough and I went after him he took off and now when I go out there he will walk up to me stand there no more attacking you have to show them who is boss otherwise they will try to be the dominate one and things will just get worse now we all live peacefully sometimes he will think he is hot stuff and I will look at him and tell dont even think about it in a deep voice and he backs down.
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    Jan 30, 2007
    Nope. Not at all.

    Hmm - well, there was a D'Uccle roo that came at us every now and then. I would scoop him up, shake his hackles and set him down. Once I got tired of it, so I tossed him into a coop with a dozen other banty roos. After he had been chased around for a minute I "rescued" him and he was gentle ever after. [​IMG]

    For trimming spurs, we use a dog-tonail clipper. The type with the hole you slip over the tonail and depress the handle to cut the nail. Also good for trimming chicken tonails and beaks, though for the wilder chickens I need an assistant.

  10. Thankyou all, Ill try a dremmel and I will hold him the right way up.
    Yes i did rouse on him when he started, showed him whos boss, but he has a short memory too.
    Its not much fun when im cornered without a scary thing in my hand to frighten him with. I try voice and a slap (nothing major) he doesnt feel it with his fluffy derierre! but boy he hurts!

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