Does your spouse love your chickens now (that they are laying)?

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  1. larsonll

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    Aug 13, 2011
    West Georgia
    Let's just say that when I decided to buy chicks late last summer, my husband was less than thrilled. "They will stink", he said. "I will end up having to take care of them", he said. "I'm not helping you build anything", he said.

    "But the girls will love this", I retorted. My girls are 6 and 8. I knew they would love mom's crazy idea.

    So, I talked to a local breeder AND ordered some chicks from MPC, just in case. My logic was sound: our ordinances allow for 6 laying hens and no roos. I read everything on BYC and more, and I figured on 50% of the 5 locally bought chicks being male, so ending up with possibly 2 or 3 hens there, and I ordered 5 sexed EE chicks from MPC. So, 7-8 pullets...and figure the 25% attrition rate for chicks...voila! 6 laying hens, maybe more, maybe less.

    There's something about laying down that gauntlet (that my husband did with the whole not helping build anything issue) that lit a fire under me. I bought and built the Catawba coop from And lo' and behold, I did it. Lots of minor mistakes along with my whole initial terror of the mitre saw, and all, but I did it. Very nice coop for a few hens (I'll get more to that later).

    The trip to the breeder was fun for all of us (except my dear husband, but he came anyway). $25 dollars later we were the proud owners of 5 one day old chicks. There were 2 Welsummers, 2 Marans, and a Pumpkin Hulsey. My 5 EE MPC chicks arrived within the next week, and oh! So cute. All 10 chicks in the brooder and my girls were beside themselves.

    It was a complete mess and wonder to care for our 10 chicks on our covered back porch here in Georgia last fall. I meticulously kept the brooder cleaned for the stink factor, which was very low. Husband still thought I was crazy and he was not happy.

    We moved them to the coop at 5 weeks. Big problem, though, only one turned out to be a roo. No chick losses. So here I am with 9 hens in the coop. We re-homed the roo, and I had 9 pullets. 6 hens is the ordinance. After much persuasion, my parents are now the owners of 1 Maran and 3 EEs. Whew.

    The Catawba Coop is a wonderful coop, but ended up being too small for my 5 remaining hens. My mom started with a larger stationary coop for her 4, and her hens (my hens I raised!) started laying before Christmas. We (I) had someone build a larger stationary coop in January in the backyard.

    Husband has been calling them freeloaders for 2 months now and the fact that mom has dozens of eggs already has been harsh.

    No eggs. No eggs. UNTIL 2 weeks ago. It's been very sporadic, but today, 4 eggs!

    Tonight in the kitchen, husband tells me, "you know, I really love those chickens". "What?!?" I exclaimed. Well, this is why:


    The first ever Maran egg is the top left. Notice the peace signs and date of the lay left by the 8 year old. The Welsummer egg is the top right. The EE egg is the lower left. Notice the heart left by the 6 year old. The Pumpkin Hulsey egg is the bottom right. I can't make out all the inscriptions but one looks like a heart to me.

    I say I was right all along.
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    Jan 26, 2012
    Largo, FL
    I agree [​IMG]
  3. Mum

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    Dec 23, 2011
    My dh wasn't exactly thrilled when I bought some hens - went for bantams to win him over rather than a large breed.

    Luckily, they laid eggs the very next day.

    Now we have 16 hens and 3 ducks (I sneaked the ducks in just over a week ago [​IMG] he was very anti ducks!)

    Yesterday, it was dh who had all the girls and ducks out walking around the garden and admiring them and their antics [​IMG]

    I feed, egg collect, do any first aid. He cleans them out, eats their eggs and tells me what a great idea it was of HIS to have hens and ducks! [​IMG]
  4. silkie_sue

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    Sep 14, 2010
    Keokuk, Iowa
    Hey I gave up my quilting machine...grins...the birds new quilting machine, they make more money, give him eggs to eat and besides he's so totally sucked into the world of fuzzy butts he can't see out now.....laughs
    And that's two coops later...snickers

  5. Time-Out

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    Jun 29, 2011
    The Peak District, UK
    My other half brought me back 6 eggs to incubate as a surprise a few weeks ago... 6 fuzzy butts are sat next to me. Our first hen started laying at the beginning of the month, VERY decent sized eggs compared to her body size. She's a Sebright. If Brahmas layed eggs proportionate to the size of Sebright eggs... they'd be laying Ostrich eggs. Sunday, we cracked open the first one ever. We made quite a ceremony out of it lol. My OH was so impressed with the size of the yolk compared to the egg that he declared his undying love to the hen and said we're never getting rid of her. He can't wait to have an omelette tonight. I have to tell him to slow down, because I want to give the neighbours half a dozen to butter them up a bit!
  6. Chubby Chicken

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    DH was not thrilled with my choice of, "useless," bantams until I showed him this.
  7. ceeceeholt

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    Aug 17, 2011
    It was my DH's idea for the chicks in the first place. Well, he works, I don't, so I take care of them. Now I'm so hooked on my chicks I have 2 coops, 2 runs and a third in the making. 15 in one, the big girls, 11 in the other, the little girls and I just bought 12 EE's straight run, so we shall see how many stay and how many find a new home:) Love my girls and the eggs are coming in fast, 19 yesterday!!!!!
  8. Cindy in PA

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    Jul 8, 2008
    Fleetwood, PA
    Husband was non too thrilled 19 years ago when I decided to get chickens. He built a great coop and my kids, then 4 & 6 loved them. Fast forward & he still complains about how much they cost (he really has no clue) and says they are too much work. Keep in mind he does nothing for them unless I need something on the coop fixed or reworked. I do everything for the chickens, as the kids are way too old to care. Funny thing is, he is an expert on chickens when anyone comes to ask questions! My nephew was by the other day asking questions, because he and his wife are getting 6 chicks soon and he wanted to ask about coop building. DH was a world of info about his chickens. Go figure!
  9. aoxa

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    It took a lot of convincing to get 'more' than the first four we agreed upon. Now I have 21 + 10 chicks coming this weekend + 10 more eggs under a broody and more chicks come April :gig

    She does like that I sell the eggs to pay for feed :D
  10. kreagerm

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    Feb 11, 2012
    For me it was my wife who was not so thrilled with the idea. We started with 2 birds and now we have 5, the wife might play it off as if she doesn't care, but she is always excited when she goes out and gathers the eggs. Funny how they come around [​IMG]

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