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    So.. how do you discourage a dog from laying down or digging pits to rest in certain outdoor areas? I have an area between the walkway and house that's about 3 by 10 feet-ish between walk way and house. Just prepared that area to potentially put down a flower or shrub bed.. just to make it look nice(that part of house has wall to ceiling windows). Well.. not even a day has passed and he dug one of his many "rest pits" right in that area.. he is an anatolian so he digs up HUGE pits. He can dig them anywhere else, he can and does dig them in the car port.. just don't drive truck in all the way anymore.. don;t care.. just would LIKE to have that spot planted.. is it too much to ask him not to dig there, just that 3 foot by 10 foot lot?
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    Mouse traps.
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    [​IMG] Sorry for laughing, but when I read this I thought of our GSD puppy. Since day one, she snaps the head off every flower she sees. Only flowers. Purple ones in particular. [​IMG] It's very quick snap, and the flower is gone. A couple times she will stop to admire the flower she is about to snap off. It's as if she is admiring it for a moment, then poof, it's gone.

    She's just turned 12 months. We have tried to discourage her flower snapping ways, but it's just her quirk. [​IMG] We had a relative of hers before, and his quirk was bumble bees. He would slay them, and proudly sit by his prize until you saw him. [​IMG] He was a silly boy, and Sophie is turning out the same way.

    I do know their are some dog friendly, and moderate foot traffic tolerant plants you can plant. There is a few ground covers, perennial flowering bushes, tall grasses and you could even try a mini tree ( like a weeping willow, or arborvitae).

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    My 1 and a half year old girl is terrible with flower gardens. She runs where ever she wants and diggs holes. She even knocks over trays of newley started plants. I swear it is the tiny bit of beagle in her that nose gets her in trouble..[​IMG] She diggs for everything she smells underground, bu I still love her.

    Masive caois is and everyday thing in my life, but I enjoy every minute of it.

    Wife to an amazing and patient Husband.
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    My dog ate my giant tulips...mostly the black ones, reached over a fenced in area to get them [​IMG]
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    Bitter Orange? Mousetraps (laughing at this... ) one of those things that has a motion sensor and blasts the intruder with water (you can get from WalMart, Pet stores, Foster's & Smith, etc) a little hotwire around the bed for a while... hmmm... let me think if there's something else...

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