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Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by bjcoop, Jul 14, 2007.

  1. bjcoop

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    Mar 22, 2007
    Western New York
    Our beloved family dog, Sassy was at the vet and found that she is going blind. [​IMG]:( He said she has about 20% sight left at this point and there is nothing we can do.

    We never imagined this was happening--she looks the same as she always has.


    This is sad news for us. She is a great chicken protector, and keeps most things away--the neighbors chicken-eating Akita, fox, hawks, snakes, squirrels, etc. She loves to be "on patrol" outside.

    We wonder how this great chicken dog will manage being blind. She's 8 yrs old and in great health otherwise. Does anyone have experience with this?

    A cruel twist was that vet put in extra drops to try to dialate her eyes, and the effect did not wear out. I called and they said her eyes may never un-dialate. [​IMG] So I feel bad that we did this to her. Now the light hurts her eyes. waaa

  2. jessied1227

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    Mar 31, 2007
    East Brady, PA
    Oh, she's so pretty!

    I hope the dialation comes down. [​IMG]

  3. BeckyLa

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    Jan 11, 2007
    N. Louisiana
    I hope dialation comes down soon, too. As for the blindness, since it is coming on gradually, she'll probably be fine. She is in a familiar place, I'd just be sure her bowls are alway put in the same place. And her hearing and sense of smell is still good so she'll have a pretty good idea of what's going on around her.
  4. Judymae

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    Apr 22, 2007
    Merit, Tx
    Remember too, if you add anything to the yard or move furniture in the house show her by taking her to it and making sure she knows it's there. I would walk her to it from different directions. Dogs really adapt quickly.

    I bet the dilation wears off. My little pug was on a medication that kept his eyes dilated for 8 days! I could only walk him in the shaded side of the house! I had to carry him with my hand over his eyes!

    Good luck for you and Sassy!
  5. Ferrn

    Ferrn In the Brooder

    Jul 9, 2007
    We have a blind kitty. I think it just happened with old age. He is perfectly fine in the house and knows where everything is except if we close a door partially or if a big toy gets left out. Good luck with your puppy dog and love of TLC helps too![​IMG]
  6. dakinsmimi

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    Jun 16, 2007
    Most of the time blind dogs do fine. Seems like their other senses become sharper. Like BeckyLa said - just don't make any big changes in her environment. Bowls, chairs, etc. need to be in the same place or moved gradually. I had an English Setter who became partically blind and you just learn to adapt to what they can do. Example - when he went outside at night I would leave the light off, because it didn't seem to make a difference to him, and when I was ready for him to come back inside I would turn the floodlight on. Although he couldn't see very much, the sudden bright light got his attention and he knew it was time to come back in. Good luck with your dog and I'm sure you'll do fine.
  7. Judymae

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    Apr 22, 2007
    Merit, Tx
    Has the dialation gone down today?
  8. tiffanyh

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    Apr 8, 2007
    I have been a CVT for years--and my guess is that your dog is going to be fine. Actually, she may just suprise you at how fine she actually does. And she may still go right on protecting your hens....animals adapt suprising well to whatever they are dealt. without self pity, they can easily move forward and take whatever comes their way (wish I could do they same! [​IMG] )

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