Dog attack, exposed flesh, hen is fine, might be infected, help!


8 Years
Mar 4, 2011
This is the first time ever i got to keep a hen. She was originally bought for meat but I decided to keep it. We got a coop for her gave her lots of rice vegetables etc. Eaten with relish.

Everything was bloody fine till day before yesterday when this stray dog got into our compound and tried to eat my hen. It got chased away but the hen got its feathers torn. Just above the tail between the wings. I got some turmeric and put it on the wounds.

I dont know. The hen looks fine. She even gave an egg today. Walking around as usual and eats well.

What im worried about is the wound getting infected because I didn't wash it. I think i saw a green area around the wound. God, I know nothing about hens.

What are my options here. Wait and watch? Or do i have no hope. Its so funny looking, Im sort of attached to her. T_T

Oh please help me out with possible remedies.
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So sorry bout your girl. HOpe she recovers very quickly.

Last fall same thing happened to my favorite, Scarlett O'Hara! Lost all feathers on belly, rump, one leg and part of back. Had 3 sad tail feathers left in the middle of all that nekkidness!

There were a couple puncture wounds on her sides, 1 the size of a quarter and another half that large above tail.

I wrapped her in a towel and held her on my knees while gently squirting water into the wounds, starting at the topmost. I used a small syringe without a needle to draw up saline (salt) water. Once the dirt and yuck was cleaned out I realized that the largest wound was quite deep - I could see past her layer of fat into the muscle. That's a serious wound on any animal. Squirted peroxide into all wounds just once (continued use can actually kill new cells). She didn't like that; the only time she wiggled. Had to use twizzers to remove a few bits that were stuck.

I patted around the areas dry as I could. Then started to trim the remaining feathers away so that air could reach the wounds. I sprayed her wounds and all exposed skin with colloidal silver, which is antibiotic antiviral and antifungal! Then put enough raw honey into the wounds to cover them without pooling in there. Gently rubbed aloe on exposed skin. Figured that was enough for one time. Gave her some chicken med by dropper (email me and I'll tell you where I got it) and chopped up garlic finely and gave her that and some mashed banana.

It was hot out so I kept her on the screened porch during the nights, and in the bathtub during the heat of the day. Fixed up a box with white towels (afraid straw would have germies) with food/water nearby for the porch, faced away from the sun at first. In the bathroom I left the curtain pulled shut and just a night light on to keep her quiet.

Couple times a day I'd dose her with the herbal antibiotic and spray more silver on. Second day I put powdered goldenseal into all wounds, alternating with honey and silver. The wound areas got almost black, but never had a bad smell. Scabbed nicely after a week, with about half the depth of the wound filled in. Took 3 weeks before her feathers started to show up. She is fine today, you can see her pic on my page.

I so hope this helps you. If you don't have these items there's others that would work also. She is truly bless to have such a good person taking care of her! You go girl!

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