Dog attack! Help wounded chicken

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    Jun 13, 2008
    We had a sad day today. Our neighbor puts her dogs away so we can free range the chickens, but today my daughter let the dogs out when the chickens were out and the dogs got to the girls [​IMG] One of the chickens is missing and one is wounded. I need to know what to do. On her back leg the skin has been ripped off. It was hanging onto the ground with her feathers still attached. If I look at her thigh is looks like a skinned piece of chicken meat. She was walking around still, pretty shaken up. WE put her by herself in a dark carrier. Can she make it? Do we cut off the extra piece of skin? This has been really hard for us. This is the first traumatic thing to happen in our chicken experience. Any help is SSOOOOOO appreciated!! Thank you!
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    THAT sounds like a complete the wound bleeding? is there a vet in your area thats affordable??
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    Quote:I wouldn't cut off the skin, I would clean it up very well and try stitch it back into place, if it can get a blood supply it will heal faster stitched up than if you cut it off.

    If you can get a picture up folks can get a better idea of the injury.

    Sorry this happened.
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    Jan 25, 2010
    Use Iodine to clean the wound. Try to bandage the wound so that no dirt/ bacteria can enter. If you have a vet call and ask them if they will see her. She may need (and probobly should be) on antibiotics because open wounds quickly become infected. If the infection enters the blood stream she can become septic within a few days. Don't give up hope! I found a dog attacked hen at a friends barn and was able (it took two months) to save her. Make sure she is by herself (sounds like you already have), but make sure she has plenty of food and water. I really would call a vet though. I was an ER vet tech for two years and the DVMs I worked with would treat my chickens if needed. Good luck, that is so scary and awful. I hope she makes it!

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