Dog attack - injured hen

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  1. joesgirljeri

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    Aug 27, 2013
    My neighbor's dog tore through the fencing and attacked our three chickens. Our best layer is injured (the feathers around her neck are all pulled out and she's been bleeding. She's tucked into a corner of the nesting box - she doesn't move when I open the box or touch her but she does look around.

    What do I do with her?
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    I would look closely at the injuries, clean them with betadine and water, and coat wounds with Neosporin ointment or tripleantibiotic. Then confine her with food and water. She is probably in shock. If she makes it through the night, try to get her to eat and drink in the morning. Offer scrambled egg, wet feed, anything she likes to get nutrition in . Reapply the neosporin daily.
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    Jul 24, 2013
    X2. Make sure to only use antibiotic ointment with no painkillers or "caine" ingredients.
  4. joesgirljeri

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    Aug 27, 2013
    UPDATE: Two different neighbor's' dogs teamed up to get at the chickens. The bigger one tore up all the fencing and the little one got inside their house - feathers everywhere! We thought Hermione was eaten, but she literally "flew the coop" and was hiding in the tomatoes... probably having a lovely snack. Matilda, our injured hen, is doing better. I was totally sure I would find her dead in the morning but she let me coax her out of the coop and she drank water for quite a long time. We cleaned her up - her poor neck and shoulder are a little mangled from the dog but she seems to be getting around fine. Poor darling, she's our nicest hen and the best layer of the three (if Hermione had been eaten, I wouldn't be nearly as sad since she is really stand-offish and hasn't bothered to lay a single egg so far.) [​IMG]

    Matilda has not laid an egg since the dogs got in. We cleaned the coop out completely - all the torn up feathers and everything - and made it all fresh and new. Maybe it will make them feel more comfortable.
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    I would be presenting the neighbors with a bill for coop repairs and a conversation about their dogs at the very least. They'd be dead dogs on my property. And maybe some hot wire around the coop, excellent dog deterrent.

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