Dog attack on my barred rock...happy ending!

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    I just wanted to share my story...

    On Saturday I had put the dogs out thinking that it was too late for one of my BR to lay as she likes to lay under the patio(separated by a fence with the rest of the yard) in the early morning. I ran to my brother's house next door and when I came back the dog was on her and I thought she was dead. I was hysterical, she had an approx. 5-6 inch gash on the back of her neck and bleeding. She really looked like she was scalped for lack of a better description and bleeding. She also had a larger flesh wound on her left side from under the wing towards her rump. I was running around with her in my arms screaming like a mad women(I know not the most rational thing to do, but it's my girl!!). My brother hears my hysteria from the front of his house and comes over to find out what's going on/help. By the time he comes I was convinced she was gone but he noticed that she was still breathing. We were really worried about the large cut on her neck, so my brother says that I have to stitch it together(I have a medical background, respiratory therapist) but I had no idea how to do that and with what. At this time my mom leaves to get my aunt who is a nurse hoping that she can stitch the wound. Well, I'm calming down now holding her together the best I can. All the while, this little chicken never goes into shock. My brother and I start cleaning her wound with a disinfectant solution and I get an idea to hold her skin together...I took the feathers from both sides of the wounds and rubber banded it together, neck and rump. A short time later my mom returns with my aunt and uncle's friend from South Dakota who is of long time farm stock. I was so relieved to see him!!! He looked her over and reassured us that while she has very serious wounds, animals are far hardier than we give them credit for. He told us that if she was going to die she would have already gone into shock and done so. That was such a relief to hear and gave me such hope for my little hen, you don't even know! [​IMG] Anyhow, she made it through the first couple of days okay. She was isolated in the bathroom in a box with a heater to keep her warm. She was lethargic and didn't eat or drink but was alive. We continued to clean and inspect her wounds which were healing pretty nicely...until Tuesday...well, my stubborn mother insisted that "Sugar"(that's what we call her) needed some sun and put her out for the day(it was warm, we are in Las Vegas)despite my protest. On Wednesday my day off I went to see Sugar to feed and water her as she is eating and drinking now and noticed a MAGGOT near her nostril!!!!!! I was horrified to say the least. Upon inspection, she was indeed infested, from the day in the sun no doubt! To make a long story short we cleaned and flushed and cleaned and flushed and got a handle on the maggots...GONE. That was yesterday morning, still no signs of anymore, Sugar is up and about eating and drinking, cooing, she appears a hundred fold more comfortable and well. I actually believe that the maggots may have helped to debride some of the dead skin and flesh...maggot therapy is really used on people. I just sat with her a while ago and she is eating/drinking more and walking about. I think she is well on her way to 100%!

    Sorry for the long story...I am so happy, I had to share!!! Thanks for listening...

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    Glad she is okay Cindy [​IMG]
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    I love happy endings like that one.
    So glad she is doing well.
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    [​IMG] I am so glad. Please let us know how she is doing? Good luck [​IMG]

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