Dog attack on Rooster


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Jun 1, 2020
I just barely got a dog two days ago and I've been keeping her on a chain to make sure my chickens weren't harmed (they're well aware of the dangers) until recently my rooster was free from the coup and was minding his own business till my young sister let go of the dog and she attacked him
She had soos cornered and attacked him where I couldnt see where he was injured at but she came out holding him by his neck and walking to me as if trying to gift him to me. We tied the dog back up but now soos looks to have a puncture spot behind his eyes. His eyes are closed and something might be internal going on because it sounds as if a thick balloon is inflating and deflating softly. There is a ton of mucus in his mouth while he is taking deep breaths and seems to lose balance and focus. He was standing for a while (eyes closed still) and then flopped onto the ground and flapping around.
I sprayed the puncture would with a but of soap and cleaning up a little bit but that's all i can do. What should I do? Euthanize him or let him go on his own if he doesnt pull through this?

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