Dog attack today ?'s


Overrun with ducklings :)
10 Years
May 27, 2009
Neighbors lab snuck over with neighbor boy and got a hold of a few of my 15 week olds. Luckily we were out there or it would have been bad. I thouhgt my puppy was bad with the birds but at least he stops when I yell. The pullets are standard EE's and the roo is a silver phoenix.

I pullet last quite a few feathers off her back and has some abraisions and bruising. I rinsed the wounds with peroxide and applied neosporin. She also has some poly-vi-sol and is isolated with pedialite and hard boiled egg. Is there anything else I should do? What is the correct dose of the poly-vi-sol? She was dust bathing just prior to the attach so there is still some debris stuck to the wounds. The wounds are just a layer of skin. Do I need to scrub to get everything off or just keep flushing as best I can with the syringe of peroxide/water?

Another pullet lost a few feathers but not bad. Should I do anything for her?

My roo has a 1 cm gash in the side of this comb. (Poor guy has a really nice comb too
) The flesh is still there but red and pushed out on 3 sides. I irrigated with peroxide as best I could and applied neosporin. He is crowing and mating so I think he is OK. Should I do anything else for him, like vitamins???

I am so sorry!! I am glad it wasn't any worse!

First, make sure it is Poly-Vi-Sol with NO iron! The iron can be too high for chickens. I just squirt a few drops in to a dish of water. Not a whole lot is needed. If the dish a several cups, I will squirt a whole dropper full in. I haven't read a "proper" dose aside for a few drops per cup is fine.
Second, don't use too much peroxide as it kills healthy cells. After the first rinsing, use dilute peroxide or dilute iodine. If it isn't deep, than just cleaning it out and adding neosporin should be fine. Same with the comb. I think flushing the dirt out with the peroxide/water as you mentioned should be fine since it is more of a scrape than a deep cut.
Let us know if it gets worse or if you spot something new!
Thanks for the advice
I guess she got enough vits cause I squeezed a few drops right in her mouth. I gave her another cleaning up and put her back in with the other birds for the night. She went straight for the feeder so I think she is OK.

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