Dog Attack- update My Blue came BACK!

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by tls_ranch, Dec 11, 2010.

  1. tls_ranch

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    My neighbor's dogs attacked my flock this evening around 4pm. We had been working outside all day and had let the flock out to free range. We went inside to clean up and had been inside for about 30 minutes...

    Two pullets have wounds and missing feathers. One was a very promising pullet with awsome lacing and body. One of my best looking blue laced cross is also missing.. no feathers, but just gone. I hope she's found a good hiding place. I will also need to check the rest of the flock for hidden injuries in the morning.

    Those stupid labs are usually kept penned and for some reason the owners let them out. They've run off in the past and so they ran off again...not fixed...not trained. Oh, and the same dogs had killed their OWN goat this summer. They offered to pay if the chickens do die. But the pullets were important to my spring breeding plan... I'm very upset.

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  2. Sir Birdaholic

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    Special chickens.....special price! I'd charge them enough to make them think before they let the dogs out again.
  3. nzpouter

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    Jan 19, 2009
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    next time, shut them in and shoot them.
  4. CoyoteMagic

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    Yup! Just bought myself a nice little single shot 22 rifle. My 30-00-6 made a bit too much noise.

    Keep singing that song, "single shot rifle and a one eyed dog" 'cept mine is a single shot rifle and a little deaf dog, lol
  5. tls_ranch

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    I'm seriously thinking about SSS. I but I don't blame the dogs, it's the owners. They even said we could shoot the dogs if they ever got our chickens and the dogs kill their own chickens every chance they get.... WHY WOULD THEY LET THEM LOOSE?????? What makes things worse is that my birds aren't afraid of dogs especially labs. I have two labs that treat the chickens like family. But, my dogs aren't didn't know what to do with the "familiar" dogs they see and hear every day attacking the chickens. If it was a strange dog or coyote they might of tried to chase it off. The pullet that got the worst of it likes my dogs so much she follows them around and even jumps on their backs:(

    I was in the shower when my son (age 4) told me that there was "lots of Evas" outside. Eva is my yellow lab and the neighbor's dogs are both yellow labs. I ran outside in a towel just in time to find that my husband had already caught them. My neighbor even saw me in the towel [​IMG] I'm lucky the towel I grabbed was a large bath sheet!!! I still had soap in my hair.
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    Quote:I wouldn't have to worry too much about gun shots.. Every weekend it sounds like WWIII with everyone target practicing near where we live. Heck some one lets go with a 50 caliber and I think some one has a full automatic [​IMG] Boy, it makes the 4-th of July seem quiet. My New Years resloution is to have my husband teach me to shoot. It's about time.
  7. heathersboers

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    Dec 2, 2010
    Sorry about your chickens-we have had that happen-except it was our goats. We had to call the animal control it got so bad. they finally took the dogs from the neighbors. We lost 15 registered boer goats to 4 dogs in 20 minutes-all the mamas were due in 2 weeks. I would talk to them about it and if it happens again-call the animal control.
  8. tls_ranch

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    Quote:[​IMG] it must of been hard with the mama goats and babies. My one broody hen took her baby and hid. She attacked ME when I tried to check her over and she hasn't done that before.

    I know I just hate to rock the boat. The husband is part of the homeowners assoc. comittee and the wife dabbles in the "law" part. But, they also know that their dogs kill livestock (goats and chickens)...even their own... every chance they get. Again why let the dogs loose??? I think they are envious that our dogs roam free on our property. It's fenced, but a "bad" dog can squeeze under in a few places.
  9. prairiehen74369

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    May 7, 2010
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    These same people probably don't make their children behave either. My dogs under stand that we all get along around here and they also pick up on my feelings and run unwelcome dogs off. Why have dogs if they don't behave.
  10. tls_ranch

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    MY BLUE came back [​IMG]. She hid until 8am this morning. I was looking for her last night with a flash light...ya right 8 acres in the dark. This morning I was out lookin for her for a good 40 minutes and gave up. Just then she appeared out of no where (it's very foggy) and she's soaking wet and clucking mad. No wounds that I can see, but I can't catch her [​IMG] The flock won't come out of coop either.

    The two pullets are still alive. One doesn't look well and she's just sitting quiet in shock. I'm going to see if I can find some antibiotics for them. I doctored the wounds , but internal injury and infection is what I'm concerned about now. If they do make it, I think I'll have to get them some hen saddles to cover up their backs. They looked plucked or like they have heavy rooster damage.[​IMG]


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