1. RaisingCrippens

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    Jul 24, 2016
    The PNW
    [​IMG]Neighbors dog got my old girl Henny [​IMG] Happened Friday and as of today she is eating, drinking and having some loose and solid stools. I have been keeping her in the garage and putting wound spray on daily. I let her outside today and she just wants to be back with the flock. I have read they will hurt her though. Is it best to keep her separate till she is totally healed.. Also will her feathers come back. Ugh my poor girl.
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  2. TheKindaFarmGal

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    May 4, 2016
    Somewhere in the Universe
    Feathers should come back, but it could take a while. I would keep her separated until the wounds are healed, then release her and see how it goes.

    Do keep her within sight and sound so she doesn't get lonely, if possible.
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