Dog Attack.

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    Last evening a neighbor's sister's dog somehow got into our fenced in garden and got ahold of 3 of my chickens. Our poor little BO Fiona passed away during the night. My only BR, Snow White is ailing - perhaps broken wing and a broken or injured leg. Sleeping a lot, but she is drinking when I spoon it to her. Snowy, our gorgeous, tough Delaware seems much better today. Standing & quite angry [​IMG] However, I am worried that she is not eating or drinking enough though.
    I just wanted to post and say THANK YOU to all who contribute their advice and care on this website. This website is invaluable to someone like me (hubby gone a lot & I'm new to the country life). I read as many links as I could last night and this morning & I think I am following everyone's suggestions on how to care for these little hens.
    Soooo, I guess I just needed to say THANKS for everyone's help. I will do my best. [​IMG]
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    So Sorry.............[​IMG]
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    May 3, 2010
    Two of my chics got attacked by a dog today, I lost one but managed to rescue another.. there was no visible injuries on the one that survived but she was quiet and obviously in shock. I put her in her coup with a cob of corn (her favourite) and she seems much better. she is walking around and eating and drinking normally. Fingers crossed that she will survive the night!

    By the sounds of it your chooks are making a good recovery, I hope you are as well.. Its a traumatic experience for both chook and owner alike.

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