Dog attack


12 Years
Nov 29, 2007
I need some help here I left the bantys out today before I left to go to the store for some milk etc. And when I got home the neighbors dog had them scattered all over she had 2 chickens cornered in the barn! I ran down and let the dog have it in the jaw with a right foot hope I broke the stupid things jaw. Heres my ? will they come back I can't find them any where I seen one come back already!!!
5 have returned already thats 7! 8 more to go I've found feathers but no bodys the one rooster that came back is missing his tail feathers and theres tail feathers from a rooster all over. So I don't think it got any!!! Hopefully I'm a little worried about the rest I hope they here him crowing and comeback!!!
Hi I am so sorry about your dog attack, I just went through this a few weeks ago. One of our hens was killed well not at first she was ripped up real bad and we had to kill her. It was awful. Mine flew all over the place we had to go find them, thats when we found the hurt one. You may want to go see if you can find them you could have a injured one out there some where.

I sure hope you hurt the dog. I have to say I went and bought a bb gun and now when I see a dog on my property I let them have it. I am very sick of people letting there dogs run free on everybody elses property. I am also a dog owner I love dogs but mine do not fun all over the place. Let us know if you get them all back.
all your hens should come back by nite fall to roost.unlessthe dog got some that you dont know about some may stay hid till morning.
I have 6 back! I did take a hour walk through the woods to see if I could find any but nothin!!! I went to the guys house and told him about it!!! He got snippy with me so I told him next time the dog isn't ever gonna be seen again!!!
Awww, another BAD dog owner. Jeesh! I am so sorry. Like you said, next time, it wont go home. Good idea. I have 2 of them in my sights now...been running up next to the pigs pen. As soon as I can....they are gone. I sure hope your little ones come home.
Nope haven't had anymore return yet!
I thought for sure that the roosters crowin this morning would have brought some back!

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