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    Oct 10, 2011
    a neighbor dog attacked my 3-year old hen 10 days ago. There were several large deep bites on her upper back which are now healing nicely. I cleaned them out well, gave her oral antibiotics in her water, and there is no sign of infection. However, after about 2 days, she was unable to support her weight on her right leg. She moves around some using wings and her good leg. I cannot feel any odd lumps or breaks. Anyone had any experience with this? I have her in the basement with straw bedding, heating lamp, and rest. She is eating and drinking some, but not a lot. But pooping fine. She had already quit laying for the season.
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    Shoot the dog or charge the dog's owner $ for every bird that the dog has attacked. If the owner doesn't pay up then I'd kill the dog right on the spot of your property since you have the legal right to kill the dog on your property.
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    Poor hen. I wonder if there is another wound under the feathers that wasn't very obvious, but I am sure you considered that possibility. Another thing that might have happened is that during the attack she strained her leg and she did not show symptoms until swelling set in. Under the circumstances, you can monitor her symptoms to see if any signs of an infection or abscess develop, in which case an injectable antibiotic is more effective (like Penicillin G, which is sold at stores like Tractor Supply). Or else you can hope that rest will help her heal. If you are lucky enough to have a vet in the area who will see chickens, then a physical exam could provide more answers.

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