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Jan 14, 2012
My favourite Buff Orpington was attacked by a local dog and had a gaping hole under her wing...I got it early and washed, disinfected and separated her...she stayed bright healthy and eating normally. But a week into her recovery, it became clear the hole was never going to with the sewing kit and some YouTube suturing skills ... Still healthy and seems to be healing..ok BUT my question is: a section of the wound on her leg remains open although dry and clean, should I drop another stitch or two into or is it too late and just see what happens? She is back in the yard and seems happy, flies up to the perch at night, runs OK. thanks
Everything I have read says to leave a wound to heal in the open. I am rehabbing a rooster that almost got his tail ripped off by a dog. His tail was cut about 1/3 thru. It is healing fine as is. I am amazed by how tough these birds are! Good luck!
Thanks... I thought that too initially but we could see right into her insides...lots of betadine spray, a phone call to the vet and some careful sewing and you are right...they are amazingly tough critters...I will leave this bit of upper leg to heal in the open, the body wound is holding and healing well.
How did your Buff Orpington heal up? I am searching this site because two of our girls just got mauled by a neighbors dog. Their backs are chewed and punctured, tail feathers almost gone. We cleaned them thoroughly and used veterycin to disinfect + triple antibiotic ointment. The girls are in the bathroom, still in shock. we feel awful.

I hope we won't lose them. Any advise?
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Keep them warm and dry. You did the best you can.
Give them ADV/M in the water(1tbs per gallon).
keep wounds clean
Offer Fermented feeds to help aid digestion and nutrient absorption
recheck wound daily

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