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Sep 5, 2011
My stepdaughter brought over her beagle this morning. I put the beagle and my dogs on my deck with the gate shut and did'nt think they could get out cause I have a broody hen. I dunked her in cool water and let her loose in the fenced in back yard. I locked her out of the coop(Must have squeezed out of the deck. I went in the front yard to do some yard work and hear a big rucous so I run to the fence and the beagle is attacking her. She is a little shaken up but otherwise fine except for about half her feathers are gone. Will she be ok or can the stress kill her? There are no wounds but her belly and other feathers are gone.If she is going to be ok will her feathers grow back and if so when?
She is also back to being broody since I put her back in the coop.
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I'm glad she only lost feathers. They will grow back but it will take some time - a couple months I guess. As long as she is eating and drinking or alert that means she didn't go into shock and she should be fine. Another way people suggest to break broodiness is to put the hen in a pet carrier in the run with food and water and shade.

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