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    Hi All,

    One of my barred rocks got under my trailer today. Unfortunately so did my male beagle. She was torn up a bit. She was not bitten anywhere, but had some torn skin and is holding 1 wing down low although she can flap it so I guess nothing is broken. We cleaned up the torn skin and put her back in the coop until morning. She was a bit shivery but I don't want to risk separating her. I put save a chick in the coop water and will recheck her tomorrow. I can get blu-kote to cover her open spot as she did lose some feathers and I can baby her a bit. No pics. I did not want to stress her anymore. What else can I do to help her through this? She is only about 3 months old so I am hoping she can recover.

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    sometimes being with other chickens when injured can be stressful in and of itself, that's why I always try to give an injured bird her own personal space....for some reason, at least in my flock, the other hens tend to be pecky and mean to the injured or sick one, even when there's no open wound. It's like they sense the chance to move up in the pecking order by knocking another bird down. Anyway, that's why I always bring sick or injured ones inside in a box with clean water and food, even if it's just for the night. They really seem to relax more that way.

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