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Dog got ahold of my new polish Roo. He's usually so good with the birds but my husband let them out this morning with no supervision. The poor Roo probably didn't even see him coming. I feel awful. He was laying in the dirt when I got home, figured he was a goner but he was (is) still alive. I immediately segregated him and put food and water within his reach. Saw him eating a bit so I'm a little more hopeful. Gave him a bath and cleaned his wounds. A lot of feathers gone and a tear in the skin of his wing. He's currently wrapped in a towel asleep on my lap. Any advice? I plan to keep him in the garage in a wire crate with straw and food/water. I want to keep flies off him. Can a little guy bounce back or am I needlessly prolonging suffering?
I'll share a recent occurence at our house, in hopes that some of the things I did help your Roo. Our flock was attacked by a fox about a month ago. One of my hens was grabbed on the back and her skin was torn. There was about a 1 inch hole in her back and her insides could be seen. It was pretty bleak. But, she was still perky and attentive so we decided to see how things went. We immediately gave the whole flock Duramyacin in their water. Then after 2 days, our injured girl started sitting alot. So we segregated her and continued the Duramyacin. I also started spraying the scab with spray Neosporin. I read on a post here that 4 aspirin could be ground up and added to 1 gal water. So, I added the aspirin to the Duramyacin water. Within 2 days she started walking around more. Through out this time, she was alert, eating, drinking and pooping normally, just not walking around a lot until after adding the aspirin. After a week of this, her downtime seemed to be over and she really wanted to go back with the flock. So, I let her back in with everyone. I check her every few days and let nature take its course with the scab. The fact that she's still alive a month later amazes me. You would never know the trauma she had endured. She even has feathers growing back where the fox ripped them out. Course, Barred Rocks are pretty determined and resilient. Best of luck with your Polish boy. I hope this information is helpful.
I didn't think to give him aspirin. I will do that. Did your girl sleep a lot the day of the attack? This guy is still snoozing. Of course it's been very traumatic for him. I hope he's alive and at least standing tomorrow. Thanks for the information!
The attack occurred later in the day, even though it was broad day light. So she was ready for bed with the rest of them, as usual. I think she was just doing her normal thing until the pain set in. The aspirin did seem to improve things. And certainly the Duramyacin didn't hurt. Best of luck and fingers crossed for your boy!

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