Dog Attack


6 Years
Sep 18, 2013
I need advice. I'm new to chicken owning and we've been going along just great until today. Today our 7 month old lab puppy somehow got out into the yard with our free ranging chickens unbeknownst to us. He's been doing a lot better not chasing them when we are out with him, but normally we never let him out on his own while they are out. He attacked 2 chickens today, killing one, and injuring the other. The living one doesn't appear to have any puncture wounds, just a few missing feathers. She was not initially standing when we found her just laying there on her side. We put her back in the run with the other 3 chickens and now she's standing and moving. She was also able to walk from the coop to the other side of the yard after the attack.What else can we do to help her along? Any signs we should look for? I know for certain we'll be a lot more diligent about knowing where our dog is at all times. Thanks for any advice!
If you've given her a good check over for puncture wounds and shes hasen't got any then the is really no need for concern id say when she was laying on her side it was probably just shock i dare say the pup gave her a bit of a shake. If she starts going down hill keep her warm and you could maybe try some avian antibiotics just to give her a little bit of a hand but to be honest she sounds like she will be fine, just try to limit the stress on her for a while. :)
Thanks for the advice. She doesn't seem to be able to climb up to her coop as all the other hens were in the coop and she was still laying outside. Is there anything specific I should be looking at her for? Or giving her?
She might have some internal ingeries if she is having mobility issues, such as a broken leg. Perhaps give her something safe and cosy on the ground so that she has something to nest in but make sure she is some where that predators wont get her. She might just have bruising or something. I'd suggest if shes having walking troubles maybe catch her and give her legs a look over and perhaps a gentle feel just to check for lumps and bumps, be sure that shes not in pain while you do this. A chicken is just like anything else remember so if you were shaken up by something bigger than you, it would be expected that you would be quite sore.
I have had LOTS of experience with my puppy getting ahold of my birds. When you find them laying after an attack it's definatly from shock/stress. I have seen my dog chase one and before he has even got to it they lower to the ground and they do not get up until i have chased him away. As long as there are no wounds she will be fine. Put a little apple cider vinegar in her water (a small cap full) it helps with stress. I am sure she is just shook up

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