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    Jul 19, 2014
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    A dog got under our coop fence. We sustained several injuries, two resulting in death. Our main male rooster (the dominant who is the protector) must have fought his heart out. I did not witness the fight. We have (had) 15 chickens. So we have the rooster in tonight since he was sleeping on the ground instead of up in the coop on the roost. He does not seem injured.

    My wife thinks he seems really hot, but how can you tell? Also, would it not be pretty normal for a protector rooster like this to take several days to recoup from the traumatic experience? I found him outside the pen hunkered down by a tree truck, pretty much scared out of his wits. This was his first encounter with any predator. That night he slept in the small protected coop which he had never done.

    Anyway, if you have any feedback regarding trauma, fights, and lingering effects that would be awesome.

    On a sad note, the most injured hen seemed okay, then she was in her nesting box, laid an egg, then died. So, we are hatching another round of eggs since it seems only right that she laid that last egg.

    The other young rooster, well we could not tell that he had taken a bad hit under his wing. Today it was too late. We took him to the feed store and Vickie said he would not make it, so I had to take care of him. It was sad, but hey, this is what we signed up for.

    We do our best but some things just happen.
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    [​IMG] and I'm so so sorry about you birds. It's hard to lose them this way.[​IMG] I glad your planning on hatching more chickens. I hate dog attacks because the just kill. not like a coyote who will kill one and eat it. [​IMG]
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    Glad to here you hatching some chicks. Made me cry a little... I'm a sucker. Not sure about birds but a traumatized mammal full of adrenalin would have an elevated temperature for a while. I'm willing to guess its something similar because the fight or flight response is universal. Sorry for the losses.
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    Sorry for you're loss. We just lost one of our cats to a dog last week. It's seems the more we take under our wing, the more we have to lose. We are currently ramping up security on our new coup. Good luck to you and you're newest arrivals. Keep you're chin up, it gets better.

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