DOG ATTACKED 9 week old chicks HELP

Guinea girl 123

Jul 25, 2017
Hi everyone. I recently put my 2, 9 week old Orpington pullets outside into our new coop and while I was gone for a short 20 minutes my brothers stupid dog broke through the wire and attacked the two, I found them both very shocked and barely alive. One has her right wing dropped, can stand up but lethargic with a gash on her crown and cheeks, no body cuts just some plucked feathers. The other is doing better than the first I think, making little noises and had a few scratches on her body from plucked feathers and can stand. Im really hoping for no internal bleeding. My local farm vet is closed today so I ran to tractor supply and picked up MICROCYN AH POULTY CARE SPRAY and TERRAMICYN ointment and PULTY NUTRI DRENCH. I gave them a small amount of the nutridrench each and syringe water to them. Also put the microcyn on their cuts. Right now they are relaxing sleeping in a little bed I made them. Both seem to be breathing fine. Any advice you can give me please? Anything would be appreciated as to whatever I can do to help them more.
thank you for the kind words shessowitte :love they're my babies and seem to be feeling better. It took awhile of resting but they are up and around now, still appear to be sore, they just want to cuddle one another. But I'm happy to see them eat and drinking water on their own. :wee
You are doing great with them. Did you wash out the cuts and injuries out? Keeping them clean and putting antibiotic spray or cream is a good approach. It sounds like you have already done so, but make sure they are in a warm, quiet place. Let us know how they do.
hello everyone, happy to say they are doing great. After a couple days they are back outside enjoying springs weather. They're wounds seem to be scabbing up with the help of the medicine. They sure are some tough baby's. Thank you everyone for your advice it's very much appreciated :p:love

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