Dog attacked chick don't know what to do

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    Hey there everyone. This afternoon I was walking my dog and came home and unhooked him from his leash to go inside. But instead of going inside he bolted faster then you could say "DEXTER!!!" He ran right to my chicks which happened to be outside with my son watching them. One was taking a dust bath when he ran out and was the unfortunate one to be attacked. My dog grabbed its leg and tried to pin it to the ground but luckily my son grabbed his collar and yanked him away before he could really dig in. The chick looked fine at first but after 15-20 it's leg began to bleed and we had to wrap it in a paper towel and put it in a cardboard box. It's 7 weeks old and is limping around the box right now (not with a paper towel and not bleeding) trying to get comfortable. I'm not sure what to do and would love some help. Any feedback about what to do with its leg is greatly appreciated!!!

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    So sorry about your chicks injury, good news being it was a scary experience but did not do serious damage. Keep the wound clean, free of flies, monitor for infection and provide supportive care to address shock...warm, quiet, hydrated
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    Yup, good advice graymare.
    just give the chick a couple days of rest and do graymare said it should be fine .Karen
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