Dog attacked chicken - lost whole wing


6 Years
Sep 25, 2013
Help! My 16 week chicken was attacked by a dog and got her wing bit off. She is standing and alert but I am not sure what to do now. What do I watch for? Do I put her down because of suffering? Do I take her to the vet? Is this common? Any help anyone can give me I would sure appreciate it!
Oh I'm so sorry! I wish I had some advice. Both of my 6 month old hens were stacked by 2 dogs Saturday morning, each dog ran off with a hen in his mouth. I got them to drop them before they were too far, one was fine with just a patch of missing feathers (and she laid her first egg today, so she must be ok!) and I found her playing dead in the tall grass, and the other fought harder and got hurt pretty bad. Her back had a ton of feathers torn off along with some skin, and a big hole in her meat. She didn't move for 2 days. I have her in an old rabbit cage inside the house until she gets better because I read that the other chickens might start picking her wound and eventually kill her. After 2 days she stood up and moves around slowly in the small cage. She would only eat yogurt and banana the second day, (her favorites) and started eating her normal food pellets on the 3rd day. Her wound still looks bad, as its scabbing over and she picks at it, but it does look like she will pull through. I hope. I could not bring myself to kill her. If a chicken can live without a wing, I'd try to save her, but then if she's out where dogs can get to her again, she'll be a likely target I would think. I initially poured peroxide on her wound and then made a paste of turmeric and water and poured that on her. Now I am just letting nature handle the rest. I feel better that she's safe inside. The turmeric paste idea came from my mother-in-law who lives in india and raises chickens. She does that for any injuries. Good luck.
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I think that she has a chance to live. I'd recommend taking her to a vet, if you can. Put some antibiotic ointment on the open wound (just don't use any ending with "caine/cain"). Keep it clean, and isolate her from the other birds to prevent picking. You can also try spraying on a spray called Bluekote. I recommend also getting her started on a course of antibiotics to prevent infection. Either Baytril or Penicillin would be good ideas, but I think you would have an easier time finding Penicillin.

How bad is the wound? Is there exposed bone?

Chickens have an amazing ability to heal themselves. Give her a chance, and see if she makes it.
Vet, Vet, Vet. For those advocating leaving it to heal on its own, would you leave your dog to heal on its own with a leg torn off? My vet's first aid advice for wounds is to wash with warm water, cover as best you can to keep wound clean, keep chicken warm to help prevent shock, and get her to a vet. Not only can vets provide antibiotics, but they can prescribe pain killers. Vets with avian experience are hard to find, but I think you should call until you find one.

EDIT: (oooops. I see now this started 2013) Still, advice is the same.
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