Dog attacked ducks

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  1. kynzinicole

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    Oct 5, 2014
    My Dog gOt into the duck pen today at attacked one of my ducks. Fortunately I wasn't far behind and I got there as soon as she got one in her mouth I was able to pry her off really fast, but now my duck is limping. Well he tries to walk and falls over then will just lay there. I touched his leg and he didn't pull away or try to bite me and there is no compound fracture. He just looks like he is in a lot of pain. And he can't walk what can I do?!
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    It is possible that the leg is just badly bruised, or there may be a fracture. Unfortunately, I don't have personal experience treating broken bones in chickens/ducks. However, the first thing I would do is isolate your injured duck in a clean, well bedded area. Put food and water within easy reach. If possible, I would get some poultry vitamins/electrolytes and probiotics and put them in his water to help with the stress. I've also heard of giving birds some aspirin to help with pain--I believe the dosage is 1/2-1 tablet of aspirin, but I would wait for confirmation on that before dosing your duck.

    I'm sorry I can't be more helpful. Good luck!
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  3. kynzinicole

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    Oct 5, 2014
    He has 2 puncture wounds, but he can't stand up, it doesn't seem like his leg is broken he might just be in shock. But he has a popping noise coming from his rib cage. It's like he is unbalanced. He falls forward.
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    A vet would be best.

    The pop could be a few things - internal injuries causing air to leak from the lungs into the body cavity, broken bones like ribs, perhaps.

    I feel that with proper treatment the duck could be okay - it will take some time and commitment. And really, a vet or perhaps waterfowl rehabber could give you some specific suggestions, if they are of a helpful mind.

    Meanwhile, I agree with Bantamlover21, with the thought that some have expressed concern about aspirin - hennible recently wrote that the vet there says Advil for pain.

    "For ducks 6-8 lbs 25-40mg twice daily adult tablets cut up or children's liquid Advil 1.5ml twice daily, orally"

    For puncture wounds, I have read that one needs to clip the feathers right around the wound so you can get a good look and clean it out. Rinsing well with saline solution a few times a day, or with Vetericyn spray. Keep the duck inside, away from flies since flies lay eggs in open wounds.

    For a duck, time in a tub of lukewarm water deep enough to float in is time well spent - as waterfowl it seems to just perk them up to be swimming, and lukewarm water helps support them, getting weight off the leg but doesn't chill them - keeps the circulation going to the leg.

    Those are my thoughts for now. You could post this over on the Duck Forum, where more duck people check in.

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