Dog Attacked Michelle


13 Years
Oct 8, 2009
Red Oak, TX
Folks, I am upset. A very large dog got ahold of one of my 19 week old hens. I found one spot between her tail and her left wing that has a dime size place where the skin seams to be missing. At first when I picked her up she had a drop or two of blood come out of her mouth but it seamed to stop. I checked her all over and couldn't find anything else. She can move her wings and legs but she seams to be freaked out or something. She is sitting very still flat in a box in our garage with her mouth open and is breathing heavy. Is it possible that she is just in shock? Is it normal for a chicken to panic or is something else most likely wrong?
I just stepped back out and checked on her and she is now standing up but her mouth is still open. Do I put her back in the coop or leave her in the garage over night?
Sorry for the panic but I am new at this.
I think most folks on here recommend it be darker for her so she will be more prone to be quiet and still.
Michelle made it!!
After reading a lot of your post my wife and I put neosporin on her wound and left her in a box in the garage for a couple of days. After dark we took her out to the coop and put her in one of the nest boxes and the next morning they were all out eating like it was business as usual.
Thanks for all of your suggestions and concern.

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