dog attacked roo need 1st aid info

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  1. Pecknscratch

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    Oct 13, 2010
    on my home and there he was sitting in the road. practically no feathers on his back nor tail. two fifty-cent piece size pieces of skin missing from back and in one of those a puncture wound. legs and wings appear to be ok other than missing feathers. he's shaking from what I can only presume is shock.
    I've brought him in and put him in the spare bathroom with heat lamp on and some water.

    in such a hurry to get here to ask before work didn't have time to more fully check him out.

    I don't know what's safe to use on chickens in the form of medications/disinfectant/cleaners so I've come to the experts here.
  2. GoldDogsMom

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    Aug 10, 2011
    Indiana, PA
    people have said yu can use antibiotic cream as long as it doesn't include a pain reliever

    I would clean him up with soap and warm water...
  3. Davian

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    Sep 8, 2010
    Vermont, USA
    The puncture wounds are the most worrisome. There could very well be internal damage that you won't see as a result of them.

    Vetericyn spray is safe, as is antibiotic ointment as long as it doesnt have painkiller. You can also use peroxide and or an iodine wash but only for the first time to clean the wounds as they are a bit caustic and will stunt healing.

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