Dog Biscuits


Sep 9, 2018
Manchester UK
I tried some dog biscuits on the chickens, they seemed a bit hard to me so I thought of putting them in a blender but that would only make them like dust.
So I put some in a container and added some hot water to soften them, stirred them around a bit to let the water soak in then let them cool down.

Fed them to the chickens and they loved them, I thought it was another way to give them vitamins plus calcium.
Theyll eat just about anything. Well not carrots in my hens case but just about anything else. We have to be careful giving the dogs treats if the birds are free ranging because they will go right into the dogs mouth for whatever they are eating...which the dogs do not think is as cute as we do. They will also give them a peck to try and get them to drop their treat. They chased one right off a ham bone knowing she (the dog) would be in deep doody if she did anything to the bird to get her bone back. I had to put her inside with her bone cuz they were relentless trying to get it from her.
Well I don't have a dog so no worries there, I did try them with pumpkin but they were not impressed with that, I did read some like it some don't, I seem to have the latter.

I'm always experimenting with different treats to give them, not long ago I made some porridge but I also added some liquid chicken vitamins just to make sure they all got some, they loved it.

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