Dog bites young chicken!

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    About an hour ago, our small, 11 year old Jack Russell Terrier got out. She ran to the chicken coop, and our 22 week old, not laying Dominique chicken was laying outside the fence. She attacked the chicken, bitting her so bad many feathers came out and you can now see her insides. It looks to be her ribs and while no blood is coming out, you can see it on her feathers. It is a large gash under her right wing, she is having trouble walking now. She is isolated from the others and we put an antibiotic solution on her. She is not walking, eating, or drinking like normal. She is sleeping on the ground with her eyes open and everyone once in a while will look up. Clearly, she is not her self. How can you tell if a chicken is in pain? I know it does not look good for her, but what are the chances of survival? What can I do to help her? Please help, I've had her since she was two days old, and I really don't want to lose her and she is one of the nicest in the flock
    Thanks for any advice and help!
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    Welcome to BYC. It sounds like she is in shock. Bring her inside so that flies don't lay eggs in her wound. Put a heat lamp over her, with a thermometer on the floor to keep the temp at 80 degrees. If you can get some electrolytes (SaveAChick, Poultry Nutri-Drench, Poultry Cell) give her some with a dropper when she seems more alert. Get some antibiotic ointment (neosporin, bacitracin) and apply it to her wound. Tomorrow if she is better, you could do a more thorough cleaning of the wound with a kitchen sprayer, but don't stress her at all today. Let her rest. Sorry about your hen.
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    [​IMG] - sorry for the circumstances. Right now she is in shock. I would place her in a quiet, darkened spot if she were mine. Applying the antibiotic ointment was a good thing. As long as she has no internal injuries she may very well survive. Chickens can heal from serious lacerations - make sure that flies do not get at the wound and lay eggs there. Good luck.

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