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  1. missmelissa

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    Jan 22, 2016
    So we had a dog get my sexlink chicken she has always been the smallest and bottom of the pecking order. I have an americano, road island red and a black something (hehe) all girls. The sexlink is wrapped and bandaged up I have been bringing her outside to see the other girls and they are making me nervous will hens attack each other or just stay away? Will they ever accept her back or do I now own a house chicken she is too little to eat but used to lay me an egg everyday, will she lay again she is currently in the bath tub in a kennel with Pine shavings
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    Jan 30, 2015
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    She'll be fine with the flock once she recovers. Since she is already lowest in the flock, it will be business as usual for her. Supervised flock visits may be fine but I would not be comfortable leaving her alone until her wounds have healed. The sight of blood sends chickens into pecking the living day lights out of an injured flock member frenzy, so beware.

    Good luck


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