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    Aug 25, 2011
    So, my mom said that once she recovers from her upcoming surgery that she will begin looking for a dog for me [​IMG] I thought I was going to get an Australian Shepherd, but now I've done some more research on other breeds like Border Collies. I read that Border Collies can be aggressive to non-canine animals, but some people on here say that they get along just fine with chickens. What is your opinion on them? And also, what is your opinion on German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois and have you ever had them before? Thanks! [​IMG]

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    Congrats, I have a German Sheperad he is great.. Love him!! I think you really need to think about, how much time you can spend exercise a dog, what that dog likes to do for exercise. IE: My dog will fetch for hours and not be tired.. I wanted him to do that for his "job" as they are working dogs and need something to do.. He loves to dig in the snow and search for his lost ball.. (very cute to watch and the cold doesn't bother his paws.

    We had him, before chickens and he is great with them, it took a little training but worth it in the end..

    Keep in mind, the bigger the dog, the more expensive, food, any vet surgery ect. will cost way more with a large breed dog, more meds to put them out, more pain meds ect..

    Muts are also a great choice, they are usually healthier and really apperciate being rescued so they are great dogs.. (I wanted a mut, a black lab/shepred mix) That's what our old dog was, there wasn't any around for a 150 mile radious of my place.. So we got the sheperead..
    Love him, will I get another, idk.. He's very protective to the point he goes bursirk if he thinks there's danger.. My old dog, was very protective, but different..

    Your doing the right thing, researching breeds.. I don't think I would ever get a "long coat dog" The amount of maintence that would require I don't have the time..

    A friend of mine has a Sharpie, every time it gets wet she has to dry her wrinkles or it will get infections,, That's also way to much work for me.. Were Canadian, the dog will get wet many times per day, in Spring, Winter and some Fall days.. Keep looking and keep it mind, the kind of care it needs..

    Congrats, looking for a new friend is so much fun!! Enjoy!!
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    German shepherd dogs are large, need firm training and can be very dominant if not properly trained. They are also prone to Hip Displaysia. Belgian Mallinois are basically the same as a GSD, but without the health problems. They are a less dominant. I would recomend rescuing a shelter dog or a retired racer greyhound. Retired greyhounds are often just a little over two years old, not eight and nine years like most people think. Keep in mind, even as you read this, millions of innocent dogs are being euthanized. Saving one of them DOES make a difference! And most of the dogs we own are shelter dogs.
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    Here are some of our dogs:

    This is Miska, a German shepherd dog X Labrador retriever. She is an awesome dog!


    This is a Lucky, a "Who-Knows-What" dog. Suggestions are welcome!

    (Head shot of Lucky
    Yes, he was fat when we got him)


    This is Penny. I think she is a Schnauzer X Poodle, but, like Lucky, we dont really know. Suggestions are welcome!

    (Above- Penny in Fall- She's growing her winter coat. Since it's curly, I think she is poodle crossbreed.)

    (Above- Penny in summer clip- She looks more "Schnauzer" now, but I still think "poodle" when I see her.)

    So, those are our shelter dogs. The cool thing about shelter dogs, is they're all unique! Like my recently adopted puppy, Sadie. You will definetly be able to find a puppy just as cute as Sadie in a shelter, and if you adopt a puppy from a shelter, you will be saving it's life.

    Sadie is a definete "One-of-a-kind" sort of dog. She is a jack russel terrier X Daschund X Cocker spaniel. [​IMG]
    I didn't rescue her from a shelter: a dog from a shelter was pregnant and I got one of the babies. Otherwise, she would've become a shelter dog, too. Isn't she adorable?
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    Hmm really messed up that quote somehow I said that, what's below the pic.. Sorry Idk how to fix it..
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    Border Collies are incredibly smart and depending on the individual, of course, aren't usually aggressive. They are however, very high energy dogs and if they don't have enough to do, they'll use those smarts to get into trouble. They are very definitely working dogs and are happiest if they have a job to do.

    There are a number of things to consider when thinking about a dog. Among them: you want one you can pick up and cuddle, one that will lie next to you on the couch, one that will lie at your feet? Also, what sort of nature appeals to you? Do you want a snuggle bug or one that's frisky? Keep in mind what the dog was bred for...that will make a huge difference in their energy level. One of the worst things for you and a dog is to get one that needs lots of room and activity and isn't able to get it.

    Here is a link to a breed selector you might find helpful
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    Ah, that's okay. I dont care.

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    they are a bit hokey, but start with those online questionnaires of "what dog is right for me" Then start doing some research - dog shows are a good place to see a lot of different breeds. Talk to the people who own them (after they leave the ring, before they go in there is a LOT to do and everyone is nervous). I don't mean just conformation shows, but obedience, herding trials, whatever you can find in your area.

    Then talk to some breeders. Ask them if you are a good fit for the breed. All of the dogs you mentioned are VERY high-energy dogs. Border collies possibly the most in need of a job. I have german shepherds and, believe me, you don't just spend 5 minutes a day with them.

    Belgian Malinois are often described as "German Shepherds on crack" Also, there are many breeders here in the US who have no idea what they are doing and just mix any male and female dog that they can get their hands on.
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    Apr 12, 2012
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    Here are our two dogs.

    This is Duncan. He is our 5 year old Scottish Terrier. He loves being outdoors but we keep inside during the winter months. He's a wonderful boy around children. Luckily he doesn't pay attention to the chickens when out!


    This is Sadie. She is now 9 years old. She's a Saint Barnard/Great Dane mix. So, she's a very tall girl weighing around 170 lbs. When she stands on her hind feet she is about six foot tall! Nope, sorry to say she does not live in the house. She's just way to big but she is very gentle 'slobbers non-stop' when indoors and watches her every move so she doesn't knock anything over. She's simply fantastic.


    This is Blu, She was our mouse catcher! She's now around 100 I'd guess in people years. This was taken several years ago. Sorry to say she probably wont be around too many more years. She now walks crippled and gets around very slowly. We bought her when she was just a mere kitten.


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    May 4, 2007
    here are my dogs


    this is Junoir (JR) he is a pup that my dogs Starbutt and Blue had

    This is his mama and Daddy


    I thought he was a australian Shepard X but the pups looked like calahoula X pups

    His daddy's life ended 2 years ago his mama is 9. Jr is 5.

    his brother Rags JR he was given away


    his brother miracle


    He was stuck in her and my husband tried to get him out he pulled the end of his tail off and when he finally did come out he was on his last breaths but my husband did crp and breathed for him and got him to live I wanted to keep him and told my husband if I see anything wrong with him we will keep him but he didn't walk odd or have troble feeding or anything I could see he was given away as they all were in pne day 4 of them there were 10 on her first and only time but only 4 survived. the others were still born.


    This is KEELALA my son named her she was the laeder of the puppy pack.

    THought you would like to see his brothers and sister.

    Thia is JR


    he had nearly a pick nose and it has filled in all black something huh? rags JR in the back there.


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