Dog Eating from Chicken Feeder

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    May 31, 2015
    Hello! Does anyone have ideas about how to keep my dog from eating herself plump from my chicken feeder? The chickens free range in our backyard, and she is very well-behaved when loose with them, however she helps herself to their feed whenever she wants! I need to regulate her diet a bit more, and of course I'm a little concerned that it isn't a good formulation for her and might make her sick long-term (though she loves it!). I just have one of those galvanized, round feeders from tractor supply, and I feed layer crumble. Maybe pellets would deter her? Of course, that would be an adjustment for the chickens, and I really don't want to feed pellets since I don't need them getting bored and getting into trouble. I am totally open to a DIY feeder too, but most have been created to reduce waste or keep out smaller birds, not medium-sized red heelers. :) Thanks for any input!
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    Aug 1, 2015
    Is there anyway you could make a modified creep feeder, like people make for livestock so the mothers don't eat the feed?
    Sort of like a wire cage with a low opening your chickens could get through, but not your dog. Good luck.....

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    Good morning.

    I also have a red healer, great dog! However it's my lab mix that likes to eat chicken feed. I remedy it by leaving the feed in the tractor with a door small enough the chickens can get through but not the dog.

    I'm not sure if pellets would be a deterrent since they probably taste just as good and the dry dog food I use is just as big and crunchy. I am not sure how crumbles would prevent boredom over pellets. I switched to pellets and ended up saving money because there was less waste. It was an adjustment for the chickens but they seem fine. Now I do fermented feed.

    Keep in mind, what works for one person may not work for another. But it's great to get other perspectives and consider them.

    I think you are right to be concerned about long term issues for your fur-baby since nutritional needs are different for different species, though I have no evidence.

    Some of the DIY feeders I have seen to reduce waste will let the birds head in but not the dogs. How many chickens are you feeding?

    Best wishes.

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