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    Sep 22, 2011
    Hey everyone!

    Dog: My 6 Golden Comets share a run with a large docile golden retriever. They do pretty well together unless the chickens are going after the dog's food. Then he'll growl and snap at them. Of course they are way too fast for him! Today my son fed the dog in the middle of the day (usually feeds him when it's dark and the chickens are put away) and the dog had a heck of a time fending the chickens off. Seeing them dart in to grab his food before he can even react reminded me of piranhas. I think they could strip his bowl of dog food in under a minute! I even tried to brush them away so he could get at his food but they were back way to quick for even me! I had to grab the dog bowl and lead the chickens out of the run and then quickly dart back inside while shutting them outside. That way the dog could eat in peace. I'll have to figure out something else when meal time comes around! Just for kicks I then put out some of the chicken's laying mash on a plate to see if the dog was as excited about the chicken's food as they are about his. Yep. He loves it. He sat there and lapped up the whole plate. Weird animals.

    Fish: I felt like having a bit of fun so today I went and bought 30 little goldfish feeders (about an inch and a half long). I put them in a large bowl with about 3 inches of water. Then put it down in front of the chickens. A couple of them were brave and dove for the fish. Like bobbing for apples they put their heads all the way into the water to try and grab them. I could tell by the way that the chickens kept coming back up and shaking the water off repeatedly that they didn't really appreciate having to fish for their fish. After a few successful grabs they lost interest. Then I poured out a couple of inches so the fish's backs were almost on the surface. It was pandemonium! I've only seen chickens get excited like this for two other things: mealworms and cut up spaghetti! They gobbled those fish up in about 20 seconds! Kind of expensive treat but definitely worth the laugh.

    Mealworms: Just got 1000 mealworms from San Diego Mealworms (619-684-1901 or [email protected]). Anke was very nice on the phone and she took real good care to ship them properly. Now let's see if I can raise them to make 1000's of new worms!
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    Okay, maybe now I can find some words.
    It is nice to read about dogs getting along with chickens, now that a family just moved in upstairs, and they have a Lab (had a very bad experience last year with a different dog).
    Between the dog food and the goldfish, you seem to definitely have some piranha-chickens! I saw just a bit of that this afternoon when I brought my girls a yummy (to them) treat based on oatmeal-- saw a far amount of "keep-away" going on.
    I've seen more and more people on BYC getting into farming mealworms.You could try a search on here, maybe compare notes. It's not for me at this time, I'm okay with helping them hunt for grubs when I'm turning the lawn into more garden space, and buying the occasional mealworms

    And, as this is just your second post, let me be the first to say [​IMG]
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    My chickens love dog food. They may eat more than the dog
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    Dec 1, 2010
    Owasso, Oklahoma
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    [​IMG] Good luck with your mealworms. I am wanting to try raising them also but live in south central Florida and it gets sooo hot and humid and I really don't like the idea of having them in the house.
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    Jan 30, 2012
    St Amant ,Louisiana
    I live in South Louisiana, where its equally hot and humid. Mine are on the back porch next to the coop. Its in the shade and under a patio cover so it doesn't get wet. I haven't noticed any problems yet.
  7. galanie

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    Aug 20, 2010
    Mine are right here by the computer. I can't smell anything but some say theirs do smell but you have to stick your nose pretty close to smell it. Usually that's because they've let it get too wet, or because there's a lot of dead ones in there for some reason.

    If you're in Florida, they should do great somewhere in the shade, protected. They go bonkers in an incubator set at 100 degrees with 50% humidity.
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