Dog food for chickens.


13 Years
Nov 21, 2009
I was sent an extra bag of dog food from a mail order pet food service, and they don't want it back. Is it okay to give it to the chickens, mixed with their layer pellets and scratch food? Someone told me that it will make them aggressive and they might start eating their eggs, too.

Does anyone know if that is true?
Dog food, especially dog food that is not veterinarian is an elixir or tonic for chickens. Good dog food is almost the same as allowing your hens to free-range. Mix it into your laying pellets at 25% dog food to 75% chicken food by weight. I predict that after a few days that your hens will be greedily scarfing up the dog food before even looking at the lay pellets.
I'd be cautious about the sources of grain the the dog food. Another member on here commented that the grains in dog/cat food are grown to pull any residual insecticides out of cotton plantation land (when it gets to the point where cotton will no longer grow because the soil is so poisoned). Pet grade food doesn't have to be regulated like any human food chain food does.

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