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    Aug 6, 2011
    The story of Beaula,.. Molly the dog got a hold of her and really ripped up her neck, also damaged her wing. My husband was suppose to be watching the dog, and he felt horrible. Molly was new to the chickens being in the yard as they had just gotten old enough to venture out. We cut off the piece of skin that was hanging, and isolated her in the big dog crate with vitamin water, feed and the heat lite....and waited. I also refered to this site to get some ideas of how to proceed, everything I read made it sound hopeless. Well, we watched and took her in the crate outside to be near the other hens...if they were out of the pen, we put her in the pen. She seemed to be getting better a little at a time. We did this every day for 2 weeks, and then let her out to run with her buddies, at first they messed with her a little and we watched them the whole time. We would put her in her crate or the pen but we kept associating her with them. After several days Beaula had learned how to stay just a little way apart and she could be with the group. One nite at "lock up" she had gotten into the nestbox with the other hens, and we decided to let her try and be with them thru the nite. It worked, she is just one of the girls and runs the yard with them, sleeps on the roost with them. Now we still watch her, and she does have a large bare area on her neck but she survived. Molly the dog is doing better, still not left in the yard with the chickens, but she makes a very wide circle around them when we are all out there.
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    I"m glad every thing is OK. [​IMG]

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