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Feb 9, 2015
The Valley, AZ
Hi all! My dog got one of my chickens this afternoon. In all fairness, the chicken flew over BOTH gates that we have, letting herself into the main backyard. She has no cuts or wounds that I can find. She was pretty tramatized, but after getting some water in her and feeding her a peach, she perked up, and hopped off my lap to go find her friends. She lost a ton of feathers, including quite a few on her left wing. Is this a cause for worry at all? We are in the Phoenix area, with days in the 90's and nights In the 70's. thanks for any advice!


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Apr 3, 2011
southern Ohio
She should be fine if she is back acting normally, eating, and drinking. It sounds as if she is a lucky chicken. This is a hazard of owning young chickens. I'm not a big fan of shock collars, but after my golden retriever chased his third chicken who came over the fence when my first chickens were young, killing the last one, we placed the body in front of him. He was shocked twice when he tried to touch the chicken, and after that would not even look at a chicken if it came near him. We have a couple who stay in our yard now, and we only had to use the collar the one time.

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