Dog got chickens, snapped at my wife.

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by pintail_drake2004, Sep 23, 2018.

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    Jun 12, 2017
    Well, I get off work yesterday and I called the wife like I always do, asking if there was anything I need to pick up on the way home. She frantically tells me that something is out killing our chickens. Though my wife is 7.5 mo pregnant, I advise her to grab a gun and go! She was already on her way out the door. I call my brother, who only lives 2 minutes away, and ask him to go over there as well since I work 30 min from home.

    When I got there, the ground was covered with feathers, and pieces of chickens. My wife said the dog ran off when My brother showed up (my brother was more concerned with her well being than the chickens because she is pregnant). So when I got there, I drove around looking for that mutt with no luck. As we begin to collect the scattered and terrified survivors, my wife told me that, "the dog had one of our roosters in his mouth, shaking him like a toy. He saw our ducks making a dash for the run, dropped the rooster and plowed into our drake (a pekin)." She continued, "I tried to distract the dog because there was no clear shot, so the drake could get away, and he (the dog) snapped at me." She told me that thankfully, my brother showed up then and the dog ran off.

    At this point, I'm beyond livid! I have 8 of my 23 layers in the coop, and the remaining 15 are KOA, MIA, or injured. We have 3 that we caught with some pretty healthy wounds. We doctored the rooster and 2 hens up the best we could, and put them in the brooder in our meat chicken pen. I shut off the coop, but left the run door open so remaining chickens could get in. Its 58* and pouring rain, so we went inside to change and dry off. I look out the back door and see 1 of our missing chickens dashing around the run, so I head out to collect her and see the mutt go dashing from my woods toward the frantic chicken. He won't be doing that again!

    We cleaned the wounds with peroxide and treated with triple antibiotic ointment. I tried to close the wounds with superglue since nearly all the feathers were missing around them. By 7pm, all the chickens were accounted for. Several dead and 3 badly wounded. I thank GOD that damn dog didn't bite my wife or kill any more than he did.
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    That is rough. I am glad your wife is ok and you managed to salvage some of your flock.
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    Jul 23, 2018
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    Oct 3, 2015
    I’m so sorry you had to go through time you see the dog you should shoot
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    I'm glad your wife wasn't injured. So sorry about your flock.
    Dogs are about the worst predators. And that shouldn't be because they should not be running at large. I wouldn't hesitate to dispatch that dog when it comes back. And it WILL. It will keep coming back until nothing is left.
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    Oct 3, 2015
    Do you know whose dog it is or if it is feral?
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    “So, you see the mutt and there will no longer be problems with him.”

    - Good job. It is sad that sometimes even if you talk to animal owners they still don’t care! Unfortunately, they did not care enough to stop the killings so the dog would not get a taste and want more. I would have done the same thing and Its sad that nobody cared enough to protect their dog and their neighbors chickens. Most people just don’t care anymore. I was at TSC yesterday and a lady was telling me that her neighbor did not like her roosters crowing and he would intentionally let his 7 dogs out to go kill. Bullet time.

    I am allowed this thought. I have a 5 inch scar inside my elbow where a strange dog come from nowhere and tried to grab my duck out of my arms while carrying him to the field. Cost my neighbor $5000 in medical bills, all of his dogs picked up and I was 1/8th of an inch from dying because he ripped my entire elbow area open and almost got my main artery. Doc said I was very lucky.

    My belief now is if you come across my gate with intention to hurt, you will be hurt before me or my animals. My arm is still messed up because I could not afford plastic surgery but my duck is still here as well as everyone else. You do what you have to do.

    Good job protecting mama brother n law until honey got there! And you tell your wife, stop doing that lol. At least until your precious baby is here to help lol.
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    I live in Texas. We shoot tresspassers. Period.
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    First above all, I'm glad your Wife is unharmed. Chickens are replaceable. She is upmost important.
    Second, here is the truth-
    It sounds like you don't have a fenced in yard. Impossible to raise livestock without a secure area.
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    Feb 18, 2016
    Some of you may want to go back to the beginning and read the OP's post again. I believe "the mutt" has already been dealt with.....harshly. (and appropriately)

    And if birds are allowed to range about in the open, such an experience should not be unexpected. It is the nature of dogs. Not all of them, of course, but it only takes one to create such carnage. So it is incumbent upon us to get proactive to protect them. We might wish that were not so, that we should not have to worry about someone else's dog, but the fact is we do. Or as someone once said, stack all your droppings in one hand and your wishes in the other and see which one piles up first.

    And as for dogs (and many other predators, but specifically dogs), the best pro-active defense you can have is an electric fence. Mine has whapped so many dogs around here, and sent them packing, I've lost track.

    Electric fences. On guard 24/7 and always at the ready to mete out a most severe punishment. Not lethal, but to a dog, unforgettable. Not many ever return for a 2nd dose. If you are going to let your chickens roam about, don't try it without an electric fence.

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