Dog got in pen.... HELP PLEASE!!!!! PICS

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    Apr 8, 2008
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    Our dog (a Border Collie!) got in the pin with our chickens (had the door open for them to free-range now that they're big enough) and she somehow ripped the skin and feathers off of her back and broke one of her wings. She looks AWEFUL. It had to be Pinky Pie, my 4 year old daughter's favorite chicken (and favorite pet) and we are devestated.
    This happened yesterday. I have her in a cage (with food and water of course) and have it in the house. I don't want flies/nats/ants getting to her. She seems okay as far as mentally, I mean, she is not acting like she is on the death bed. There are no puncture wounds. You can see all the muscles and everything on her back, it's just terrible. I am pretty sure the feathers won't ever grow back.

    Here are my questions:
    Does she have a chance of recovery?
    If she does recover, will she beable to survive the winter with no feathers?
    Is there anything I can do about the broken wing? Should I wrap it with vet wrap or leave it be?

    Here is a picture of her (the blue stuff is where I have been spraying antibacterial spray on her wounds)

  2. Lobzi

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    All I can say is Oh God!!! Im so sorry for the poor thing. Not having any experience, I cant offer any advice. Just wanted to express my best wishes for the sweet thing.
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    [​IMG] dogs can be so frustrating. [​IMG] so sorry. someone will jump on here and tell you what to do.
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    You would be amazed by what others have posted on BYC from attacks on poultry and had them survive. I wish i knew what to tell you, someone on here will surely give you some guidance that knows more. I hope she pulls through this [​IMG]
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    Jan 11, 2007
    I would think she is in pain, altho chickens do not tend to 'show' pain. I would recommend starting with some 5 grain aspirin crushed in her water to help with that. I know you should not use peroxide on open wounds (so steer clear of that). Keep it flushed clean and hopefully others will come to help soon. I am so sorry this happened to your girl.

    Also, you will need to start antibiotics soon if you decide to proceed with treatment. Planning ahead, start looking for some. Even a very broad spectrum type should help until more experienced folks come along. I will say that if this was my bird, I would put her down. I don't think that is what you want to hear, so I'm sorry if that sounds harsh and hopefully others have had success in treating such a horrible injury. Best wishes for your little lady.

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    Sounds like you are doing all you can. Keeping her quiet and confined and inside where flies, etc can't bother her is the way to go.

    I'm not one to over-use antibiotics, but animal bites of any kind are notorious to fester.

    You may want to get some broad spectrum antibiotic for her water or use injectable Tylan. Do a search for Terramycin and/or Tylan and you'll get threads that explain how to administer small amounts of the terramycin in water OR how to use injectable Tylan. You can get both from most feedstores/Tractor Supply.

    Also give her yogurt while using the antibiotic so you will help keep her positive flora OK in her gut and reduce the likelyhood of stomach upset while on the antibiotics, which would only weaken her further.

    As far as the wound - keeping it clean is the key thing, which sounds like you are doing. You can flush the wound with sterile saline - Those are instructions for making your own.

    The only other thing I can think of is that IF there is enough skin to pull together, you could put some stitches in there. If not, it will eventually granulate and heal if given enough support, time and a little luck. There is a sticky at the top of the emergencies category, I believe, that shows pics of stiching up a chicken...

    I sure hope she pulls through for you! With a little supportive care and TLC, it's amazing what these chickens can recover!
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  7. chickenzoo

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    I have a roo that was scalped, skin gone,seeing bone. The skin grew back over time- with feathers and it''s been a few months and he only has a little scar left. [​IMG]
  8. wjallen05

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    Apr 8, 2008
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    Thanks for the responses.

    I don't use antibiotics unless needed... do I really need to use them when there are no puncture wounds? I am keeping the area clean.

    I would deffinetly put her down (hubby wanted to, had to talk him out of it) but you have no idea how attached to this animal my daughter is. She is not taking it well... she cried when she saw her and said that now she won't beable to lay eggs, and that she won't beable to hold her anymore and she loves holding her. [​IMG] I figured the least I can do is to TRY and save her.
  9. wjallen05

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    Apr 8, 2008
    North Georgia
    "I have a roo that was scalped, skin gone,seeing bone. The skin grew back over time- with feathers and it''s been a few months and he only has a little scar left"

    oh that gives me SO much hope... thank you!

    you don't have before and after pics, do you?
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    I would have to say that Arlee453 did a fantastic job of giving you advice!!

    I had something like that happen to one of my chickens. I brought her inside and put her in my bathroom which is the quietest place in the house ( with 4 kids quiet is not an option)
    I started her on Electrolytes and Terramycin. I kept the wounds real clean and put antibotic ointment on there and with in no time she was back outside with the flock.

    I hope she makes a full recovery......[​IMG]

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