dog house, shed or coop wanted for chicken rescue


9 Years
Jun 12, 2010
Glen Ellyn, Illinois
I am building a new coop so I can start fostering chickens that are regularly rescued in the city of Chicago from terrible conditions. There are many organizations that are short of volunteers to foster and rehabilitate all of the chickens that they find on an almost daily basis. My plan is to build a small coop with a run next to my big run, so I can start taking in these poor birds.

So if anyone in my area has anything to donate, I would be very happy to pick up the materials.

Thank you.
Hi Danielle,
I visit my daughter at Wheaton a lot and I love your town. I want to caution you about taking in rescues. Before you bring them to your property, have them checked for cocci in the feces. If they are carriers, the oocytes will shed in their feces into your soil and that parasite can only be removed from your soil by burning it, removing the soil down 8 inches or waiting 4 years to put chickens back on that soil. So please make arrangements with your shelter to have the chickens checked for cocci and other diseases before you bring them onto your property. Some things are not easy to irradicate.
Also, you can treat them for cocci, but often it requires several treatments and they shed the oocytes during the process. Even if you get a negative fecal, after having cocci in the intestine it can recur.

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