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    Hey, I am buying two more chickens and am going to put them ina dog house for temporary housing. What do I have to do to prepare it for them?
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    If you're worried about predators, it would be a good a idea to build a door that you can lock at night. If you do this make sure that there's another source of ventilation. Also, I made a free standing roost out of 1x3 that is removable and has a built in droppings board so they have something to sit on at night. Here's a pic of that...

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    I used a dog house in my big dog kennel until I was able to build the bigger coop and then again when I had chicks.

    Are you needing nestboxes and all of that or just a place for them to roost for the night?
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    Probably just a place for them to roost, because I am integrating full grown hens into a new area, and am keeping them seperate from my other hens for a little bit so they get used to each other. From what I understand when you integrate a hen into a different place they wont lay. [​IMG]
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    Depends on the hen. lol

    Get yourself one of those plastic dog houses that comes in 2 peices. Halfway inside, attach at 2x4 with some screws from side to side for a roost. Put the roof on backwards, basicly so you have openings at both ends. On the end where the opening is on the top half make a little flap. This is where you will collect eggs from if your get any.

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