dog in disguise


Squeaky Wheel
11 Years
Feb 11, 2008
Waterloo, Nebraska
My daughter's dog would love to get in with the chickies. Here he is in his new chicken costume to fool them.


DD says it's for Halloween, but I know it's so he can sneak into the flock.
LOL Actually, he was on DD is in college and was looking for a dog. I found him on petfinder at a pound near her school. She went and adopted him. The people who dumped him there even left his registration papers. DD called the breeder, and the woman was just furious. She tries to screen puppy purchasers and has them agree to return the dog to her if they are not satisfied with the dog. The bozo couple that bought him must have been too lazy to drive the 2 hours to her house, so they dumped him at the pound. DD has had Sam for over a year now.
You say Target???? I may have to take a drive. I wonder how my two pugs would look in that??!! My hubby is gonna kill me!!!!!!!!!!
Cleaning up after my chickens is bad enough. Based on the size of that Scotts Dumpie I don't even want to think what a mess a coop full of them would create.

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